September 4, 2007
11:45 pm



Your support continues to blow us away. It is absolutely unbelievable. Again, there is not enough thank yous that can do it justice.

Tara’s room is so full of gifts and flowers that there is barely enough room for the nurses and doctors. At this time, we ask you save your money for the “Road To Recovery Fund.” We are currently setting up a website that will allow for you to send your contributions directly to Tara to cover all medical expenses. Although she is covered under insurance, there will be additional expenses. As mentioned previously, we are looking into the top rehab facilities to get Tara up and walking again. All donations will go directly toward her rehab such as personal care, various equipment, housing modifications, etc. We are told that our #1 choice of rehab facilities may run up to $2000+ per day.

For all you Southern CA friends, Missy will be organizing an event to raise funds that will cover non-medical expenses such as travel and day to day items for Team Llanes. There will also be opportunities to take photos and write messages to Tara that will be sent over all together. More details to come so stay posted!

September 4, 2007
11:45 am


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