The Aussie Diaries – 9 Rides in 9 Days

Nine days into the new year and I’ve already clocked up nine rides.  I will be taking the next couple days off and bringing the bike into SuspensionWerx for some much needed TLC.

Day 7: Ride Log

Do you ever have one of those days where you wake up exhausted? Today was one of those days for me so I promptly turned my alarm clock off and went back to bed. Around 2pm I decided that it was gonna be a day where I wasn’t really going to be social but instead, chillax. So I suited myself up, walked out the garage and proceeded to explore the neighborhood. I soon discovered that I could ride to the Bridle Path from my location, (on Emerson) and from there I made my way up Old Buck and then across to Severed. I think on the entire ride I saw two runners; it was such a peaceful and enjoyable seventh ride into the year.

house ride

Damn camera angles, I really am taller in real life!

Pretty stream

I love the tranquil locations I find along the way

Day 8: Ride Log

“It was must be a Saturday and therefore a good excuse for an adventure ride!”

I have learned that when I go exploring and want company I can usually entice said company with offers of post-ride beer and hot-tubbing. Today, we set out from the Old Buck parking lot and had, what turned out to be a 4 hour adventure. We got sunshine, hail and fish and chips! But more importantly, when the riding was done we got beers in the hot-tub! Since I seemed to have a few roos loose in the top paddock, I followed up the day ride with another 1.5 hour night ride.


Saturdays ride crew!


Hard to believe that it started hailing about 10 minutes later!

Day 9: Ride Log

I knew this was my last ride before my bike was going in for service to have the squidgy noise that was coming from the shock addressed, so I wasn’t too concerned that my legs were exhausted even before the ride began.

Today was another one of my, “ride with the boys” days. This ride began by following a creek up to the St. Georges trail. After a bit of insistence from me, (basically because i didn’t want to do any road riding) we found ourselves in a mandatory hike-a bike section, complete with rope!  We eventually reached the Baden Powell and began weaving our way across and down the mountain.  The total loop took around 3 hours and what a workout!

creeker run

Up the creek...

Mandatory Hike-a-bike

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