the Aussie Diaries: February 10th, 27 rides

The first week of February was definitely a little chilly, that being said it was also relatively dry.  The one thing I’ve had the hardest time with in moving to Vancouver is the rain, by this time of year I fee like it is never going to end.  So to have a reprieve, albeit temporary, is nice.

Day 23: Ride Log

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy climbing the Dempsey/Braemer trail?  Yeah I know I have, well here I am on it again.  Tonight was another, “boys” ride.   It was a night for things to happen in threes, one of my companions managed to slow-endo over his bars on the BP and then without further incident we made the climb up to Executioner.  On the way down another one of my friends also felt the need to demonstrate the slow-endo.

By this point in the ride we had noticed that the ground, though frozen in most places, was a little unpredictable, (this should have been good forewarning)!  As we sped along Dreamweaver, (the fast, smooth section at the top) I was reminded of the unpredictable ground as I came full speed into a corner only to have the not-so-frozen ground give under my front tyre. What ensued was my bike hitting a tree and me doing a  impersonation of superman!  Though it was a soft bit of ground that threw me off my bike I definitely landed on the frozen ground, which I equate to belly-flopping onto concrete!

Dempsey Braemar climb

Have I mentioned how this is my new favorite climb?

Getting ready to make our way across the BP to climb Mtn Hwy

Chris demonstrating how to ride the ‘Stairs of Despair’

Day 24: Ride Log

As always the best way to finish off the week is with a ride!  After a stressful week at work it is sometimes fun to get out and do a low-tech ride and that is what I consider the creeker runs.  I was also still a little bit sore from my run-in with the ground a couple of days previous.  Early into the ride I managed to flat, and for those of you have ridden with me regularly you know that I tend to go through periods of flatting, so tonight I decided to start a second tally: how many flats can the Aussie get this year!  So far i am at number 5!

Maybe I should start counting # of flats for the year!

Pre ride Addendum:

New fork! I just decided to take on a ‘secret’ bike building project, (a friend offered me a brand new 2011 fork at a steal of a price which I found very hard to say no to) and I now have visions of a stealth, black Endorphin ripping down the trails.  More of that story later.

Upgrade: 2011 Fox 32 Talas Fit

Day 26: Ride Log
Muddbunnies Night Ride! After a couple of weeks with all of my,”regulars” being unable to attend it was nice to finally have a couple of the girls back out for a ride.  We started our first lap on Crinkum, with snow on the ground at the switchback w wondered what we would find on the trail itself.  After a short push up the connector to the trail head we found the trail to be dry and frozen, (I gotta say, I really like riding on frozen ground).  Though a couple of the ladders were a little bit frosty overall the trail was fantastically fun.

Like all good Bunnie rides on Fromme, this evening we made sure to head up to Bobsled for our second lap.  The frozen ground made the trail run fast and predictable,  Though I must admit that there was a moment when I was airborn off the drop, looking at my landing and all i could think was, “great a sheet of ice, this is going to hurt” luckily my eyes were playing tricks on me and it was just a light dusting of snow.

We finished the evening with a short pedal back up to the Griffin trail head.  There has been some great work done on this trail, fixing ladders, building new ladders and overall making Griffin a great flowy finish to a ride.

Michelle & Rhonna re-layering for the ride down

New ladder on Kirkford!

Lap number 2, hello Bobsled here we come!

Tina ripping down Bobsled, always a fun trail!

Thank you goes out to Andrew for letting me use some of his photos.


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