The Aussie Diaries: February 20th – 32 rides

According to the weather network the next 10 days will be a mixture of rain, slush and actual snow, bring it on!

Ride Log: Day 28

Yup it really is raining out, and it’s not light either.  I actually don’t mind riding in the rain, it’s the stopping that’s always a problem for me.  Considering it is early February, it is cold and it is raining, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that today’s ride group consisted of 7 fearless bikers!  Burke Mountain has been a more recent favorite of mine so I was stoked to discover that we were climbing all the way to Triple Crown.  I am also happy that I can finally clean the climb all the way, (now to do it in my middle ring)!

But back to the ride: TripleCrown was fantastic in the wet! The trail drains well and makes for a fast and flowy ride, it also leads smoothly into Six, which is more of the same fast flowy downhill fun.  The next trail we hit up was, Franks.  This is the second time I’ve ridden this trail in less than a week now and the first time in daylight, I gotta say, I love the flow of this trail! I would have to describe it as a fast XC trail.

It was decided that a second lap was in order so we climbed back up and proceeded down Dawg and Hustler.  I find Dawg is not my favorite trail in the wet as it gets boggy and is therefore not as much fun. But it leads on to Hustler, so I can’t complain too much; any ride that finishes this fast makes you feel like a bit of a rockstar!

Re-grouping on Triple crown.

Wow those orange socks really do stand out!

Dale showing us how it's done on the log ride

Frank's Trail, time for the uphill section

I love how the green of the Forrest is emphasised after the rain

Hustler, it's all about speed and flow!

Ride Log: Day 32
Snow ride!!! Oh and top of that i get to ride with my favorite Blonde, (yes the dog not the boy!). We parked at Dempsey/Braemer and yup, you guessed it, my favorite climb across to Mountain highway! At this point, Andrew decided to convinced me that we should attempt to ride all the way up to the 6th. I was a little bit dubious about this considering the amount of snow that was on the ground, but one look at the excitability of my 4-legged friend who was tearing around in the snow and the decision was made!

When the going was tough, the tough get going, (no, not funny) it was also an enjoyable and challenging ride and one that we succeeded at doing all the way to the 6th switchback. Now time for the fun; looking down, Executioner we could barely make out another set of tracks, I don’t know who was more excited now, Koa or me!

I love riding in the snow! Seriously! When the snow is like this; grippy and deep and soft and fluffy and oh so much fun. You’re in control but you’re not in control and you sort of know where your going, but maybe not. It makes me want to get off my bike and jump up and down making incoherent noises of glee and excitement, (yeah I know, that’s why people keep calling me the Crazy Aussie)!

Executioner was a transformed trail, (I know not everyone understand my snow riding obsession), but it was good. The snow smoothed out the trail making it a fast flowing, “hang-the-hell-on ride”, yet funny enough once we got to the bottom and headed over to Dreamweaver the snow just ended! We were left with a frozen tacky ride back to the BP where we ran into another friend, Dale. He decided to join us for the rest of the ride and we followed Dreamweaver until it was intersected by the St Marys climb. From here we climbed until we reached the Dempsey/Braemer trail heading down it to end up back at our cars.

What a great Sunday ride!

My favorite blond - Koa

I don't know which of us was most excited about the snow!

There really is a trail under there!

Andrew showing us how to power through a difficult climb

Dale powering up the difficult rock corner, I'll get it next time!

That's pretty much how I felt too!

Thank you again to Andrew for letting me use some of his photos.

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