the Aussie Diaries: February 28th, 34 rides

The last 8 days of the month I only managed to get out and ride twice, both times at night and in the snow.  I may have forgotten to take pictures.  So instead I have decided to share my latest bike project with everyone.  This is the first time I have gotten to build a bike up from scratch (with a little assistance of course) So I am pretty excited about that.

Secret Project Revealed: Cove Stiffee

I have always been a supporter of buying local where possible and supporting local industry.  So it probably shouldn’t surprise anyone that all of my bikes are Canadian.  the latest addition being the Cove, I’ve always wanted one! why? because of the totally inappropriate names of course!  So after pickup up my brand new frame, I have spent the last month slowly putting together the parts I needed to build the bike.   Most of what has gone onto this bike is second hand, either hand me downs from the Endorphin or sourced through the local Mountain bike forums.  Enjoy the pictures, next week I hope to get out and actually ride my bike!

Handmade right here in Canada.

Pressing in the headset

Installing the derailer cable

I 'heart' my Shimano brakes

All looks good to go on this end!

Finishing touch, adjusting my saddle


All ready for it's first ride

So Speaking of the Endorphin

Yeah it got a bit of a re-vamp too.  I really got to say that I got some great second hand deals to pull these two projects together.  My Endorphin, on top of the new fork has now been converted to full Shimano, having replaced the shifters and derailer.  I also picked up a set of Chris King hubs laced to some super light stanz rims.  Black bars, a black bash ring and the weird looking but comfortable Moon saddle completing the Stealth look.  And yes, before anyone comments, the XT cranks are staying, functionality over form.  Over the last couple of years I have learnt (through trial and error and some good advice) that the Shimano factory has excellent quality control therefore making some pretty high quality bike stuff, so that’s what you’ll find on my bikes.

I just remembered I used to ride my bike with flats, what was I thinking!


Once you go black...

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2 thoughts on “the Aussie Diaries: February 28th, 34 rides

  1. Lol! Yes, it’s really sad that I am very up on the technical talk, but I have no idea how to build a bike!!! Very impressed with what u have done – Aussie, Aussie, Aussie…. 🙂

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