the Aussie Diaries – January 20th, 15 Days

Another week, another group of rides. This time I’ve had the pleasure of seeing a mate get back on the clipless pedals after what she tells me is a 10 year absence, as well as going for a ride with a mate that I haven’t ridden with in over a year.  I led the first Muddbunnies ride of the year and celebrated my 33rd birthday with a ride and beers.

Day 12: Ride Log
I knew it was going to be a fun day when Susan arrived and my house and told me she wanted to try riding clipless for the first time in 10 years. After some messing around with the pedals (boys put pedals on too tight) and a quick trip to Steed Cycles (where there were boys with muscles and the correct tools to adjust the pedals) we were off.

I feel like so many of my rides on Fromme these days at some point involve going down Bobsled, which is not a complaint by the way. We ripped down Bobsled coming to a sudden halt at the drops where a young bloke had driven his handlebars into his groin. No serious damage, (hopefully no long term issues either) and we were off again.

We then headed on to Griffin, where it was Susan’s chance to really test out the clips in all sorts of terrain, and in my opinion she did it all skillfully! Since my second ride of the day text me to let me know she was running late, Susan and I took the opportunity to finish our ride on a climb back up to the Fromme gate!

Round 2 was like DeJaVu, we rode all the same trails just different faces. After what I suspect was over a year since our last ride, it was nice to get out with Ryan.



Susan on Ladder bridge

Susan showing how it's done clipped in on the Ladders


Tackling the Griffin switchbacks

Round 2

Round 2 - Back up to Bobsled

A different perspective on the Griffin switchbacks

Day 13: Ride log
I think I am just going to start labeling Sundays my, “ride with the boys day” since again I found myself being the only girl at the trailhead. It was pouring so when one of the guys suggested canceling the ride and going for beers I had to really think about it. For a fun change we decided to climb the Dempsey/Braemar trail to where it meets the Baden Powell, from there we followed the Baden Powell to Mtn Highway and proceeded to ride up to Ladies Only. The last switchback on Ladies was an ice-rink, and I’d like to point out that Canadians seem to be a lot better skaters than Aussies!

Oh and did I mention, the rain stopped about half hour into the ride! Ladies was in fantastic shape, Digger has put so many hours into re-vamping that trail it is such a pleasure to ride. Speaking of Digger, we bumped into him at the Heron pond, where he was transplanting ferns and telling us how the other side of the teeter will soon be a deep pool. I challenge the boys to ride the log/teeter and offered beer for anyone who made a genuine attempt. Although they all attempted it, only one managed to ride all the way over. The others sadly decided that pride cometh before a fall and chose to walk and therefore avoided a soaking!

Heron Pond

A disappointing performance! no one fell in

Pair of Endorphins

People with taste ride Endorphins

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  1. Love reading these jax! I initially read the day 13 ride as ‘we rode up ladies only’! lol. (the sad thing is that I know you and it wouldn’t hugely surprise me if that was the case! lol)

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