the Aussie Diaries: March 20th, 43 rides

I was glad that by March 20th the snow has finally melted somewhat and the weather is trying to warm up.  Note that I say trying!  In other more exciting news, two of my friends celebrated their birthdays over the past 10 days… sounds like a damn good excuse to go ride our bikes if you ask me!

Ride Log: Day 40

This is something I haven’t done in a long time! Catch the early ferry to the sunshine coast to shuttle the flowy goodness that can be found just across the water. Snow was still covering the higher trails but there was plenty of fun to be had lower down! Oh and plenty of beer too!

Happy birthday Steve, you are truly and inspiration to me!

Steve Super-Sending it!

One of the boys showing his X-up style!

Chilllin and watching the 'airshow'

Ride Log: Day 43

Two weekends of DH bike riding in a row, must be for a good cause, oh yeah, Susan’s birthday!  Susan had a special request, and that was shuttle rides on Cypress, now as I am sure some of you are aware, I have a real love/hate relationship with cypress Mountain, and today the mountain was loving!

I haven’t spent a lot of time on Cypress in the last few months so we made sure to ease into it (as much as you can ease into Cypress) but once we felt confident we headed for a short hike-a-bike through the snow so we could wish Susan a happy Birthday by taking her down my favorite trail on Cypress – 5th Horseman!

Di's new truck all ready for it's first shuttle! (ask her about its name.. teehee!!!)

It was so green and lush out!

Colleen practicing her race style!

Di ripping down the trail, not hard to miss in all that pink!

Carolyn showing that girls know how to slay the Cypress Gnar!

Susan cruising over the moss covered rocks.

Me rocking one of the rock faces on 5th Horseman

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