the Aussie Diaries: March 31st, 50 rides

3 months into the year and I’m 50 rides down!  Not bad, even if I do say so myself!  Has anyone else noticed that this blasted snow is still hanging around!

Ride Log: Day 47
Since the last time I was on Sumas it was -10 (yeah really!) and all I really remember from that day was being bloody cold I thought it would be fun to do some reconnaissance on the race course for the following weeks FVBMA super D!  So what started as just a couple of us going to scope the course out turned into a great group ride as six of us carpooled and headed out to the Valley.  We were happy to discover that most of the road was clear, though once you get to the yellow gate on the upper part of Sumas Mountain the dirt gave way to snow.

We ran into a lot of other people on the Mountain today, all doing ‘pre-rides’ and we soon had it on good information that the course was going to be cut short due to snow so we would only be riding half of Knob Gobbler.  About half way down the ‘racecourse’ we managed to take a wrong turn, but we did discover an amazing set of All Mountain trails on the opposite side of the road that almost reminded us of Comfortable Numb.  Must ride them again!

At least the snow wasn't on the road at this point!

What is with the snow?

Random dude showing us how smooth the rockface really is.

Me practicing my jumping skills!

I never get tired of riding through the forest

Steve demonstrating that he will also jump gaps on his hardtail!

Ride Log: Day 48
I made a new promise to myself, I decided it was time to start working on my DH bike skills again.   I think I’ve ridden my DH bike maybe a half dozen times this year, don’t get me wrong, every time I ride it I love it, I just seem to be going in a different direction when it comes to biking this year!  (Yes the not getting hurt direction!)

This Sundays ride was very reminiscent of last Sunday, same trails just different faces.  The snow was also a little higher today, so there was no pushing through snow to get into the 5th Horseman.

Random accidental shot but it looks cool... so I kept it!

Jesse riding one of the 'rock step' sections on 5th

This was great section to watch the different line choice by riders, Random Dude #1

Random Dude #2, Yeah, it really is that steep!


This guy is my new hero, XC clipped in with the seat up, I'm in lust!

One last bit of gnar to exit the 5th



Thank you to Steve for letting me use one of his photos.


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