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So when most people think New Years resolution they go with something like losing 5lbs or eating less chocolate, or maybe even start an exercise regime. But I thought those seemed easy resolutions and I don’t eat chocolate.

My resolution last year was to ride 200 days .  Now what started out as an easy goal turned sour in April when I crashed and put myself off the bike for a good three months.  Though I made a gallant attempt to finish my goal, as the year came to a close I still found myself around 20 days short.  But enough about last year! 

This year I decided to put the same goal back on the table, along with the new goal of having an injury free year.   I also gave myself a couple of ‘rules’ this time to keep it fair.

Rule 1:  Time – The actual riding part of the ride needs to go for at least an hour, preferably longer, though I am allowing shuttle runs to count if there are at least two laps.

Rule 2:  Keep a record – It’s really easy to look back in a day planner and count the number of days I rode, but where’s the fun in that? I decided that this year I would actually write about the rides and share the stories with everyone who wants to take the time to read them.  I suspect there will be a few of you who read them as some of you will also be a part of making this goal happen.

Rule 3: Have fun – At no point in the year should I be going out just to make up the days! I did this at the end of last year, and though I clocked 43 days out of 45, by the end of it I was exhausted and didn’t even want to look at my bike for a couple weeks.

For those of you that have already been out riding with me this year you will have noted the addition of my camera and my sudden insistence that I need to take photos.  I am hoping that during the year my camera has an “accident” of it’s own and I have to upgrade it.

So for everyone out there that has their own biking resolutions to get through this year let’s make them happen!

random location

Testing out my Christmas present (thanks Santa) on Christmas Eve.

Bunnies self portraite

What better way to spend Christmas day than to rip laps on Vedder Mtn with fellow Bunnie and friend Edith

xc DS

Making every day count as the year rockets towards it's close


Finishing up the year by going for a ride with a few of the guys and making them look awesome on the Kirkford woodwork!

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