The Cycle Effect

The Cycle Effect is a Colorado based non-profit organization which helps guide teenage girls to have better futures through the sport of mountain biking. Their mission is to enhance the lives of young women through mountain biking and to empower them through mentoring and education.

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Their goal is to help young women graduate from high school being physically fit, emotionally and mentally strong and on a path for college or a career. They provide year-round training, mentoring and nutritional education that leads to our girls finding college scholarships, career paths and hope for a better future.

In their second year, they are helping young women in new towns across Colorado. Although sponsors are a huge help, there are additional costs for bikes, safety equipment, race entries, trailers, etc. Any funds raised will go directly to help with costs to implement our programming. If the goal is exceeded, they will have an opportunity to impact more towns and more young lives.

How to be a part of this?


$14,000 is the cost to start programming in a new town.
$50 you can help pay for all race entries for 1 year.
$100 is the cost of safety equipment including shoes, helmet, gloves, glasses.
$750 buys a new bike for 1 athlete.
$1200 provides 1 year of programming for 1 athlete.

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Why be a part of this?

As you can see in the video below, the Cycle Effect has had a long-lasting impact on these young woman in a short amount of time. In the first year, 2013, they helped over 40 young woman, offered over 750 service days, 5 community service projects, and helped 100% of our athletes set goals for life after high school. This is the first program of its kind that offers all of the equipment, coaches, and long-term help to young women. They believe that kids across the state and eventually across the country should have these opportunities.

Other Ways You Can Help

Get the word out about the Cycle Effect organization! The Cycle Effect’s programming hits home with many people for different reasons and they ask that you help us tell people about it.

How great would it be to have this program grow to include our neck of the woods!



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