Here is your chance to win a custom built bike and a possible spot on the Deity pro roster! The five month contest will give true riders from across the globe the opportunity to showcase their skills, personality, style, and why they are worthy to win this bike and a possible spot on the elite deity pro roster…all captured in a video format. Looking for talent, the end winner not only walks away with a custom built Blk Mrkt MOB that features the full, all new Deity 2008 product line, prototype Deity metal, custom powdercoat Atomlab DHR wheelset, GI DU pedals, custom Rock Shox Pike, and so much more, but also an opportunity to possibly become the next Deity pro rider!


The rules are simple, so make sure to follow them or your submission will not be accepted (no exceptions):

1) Begin filming a segment that defines who you are on and off the bike immediately! Remember, safety first, so ride within your limitations!

2) Upload your vid on and e-mail Deity the link alongside the following:

A- Your Full Name B- Complete Address C- Telephone Number

(Any submissions missing this information will be deleted!)

There are no restrictions to who can submit as this contest is open to all ages, riding disciplines, and locations. Submissions have already begun on 02/01/08 and will extend until July 1st when the Deity crew will review all of the films and pick the top ten riders.

3) After you pass the preliminary selection process and become one of the top ten, your film will be critiqued by the entire deity family of riders from Kyle Strait, Cameron Zink, Zach Hensley, Nate Adams, Adam Hauck, and more, your film will be witnessed by the talent that defines this sport every day!

In the end, these riders will select the winner of the bike and the person who may possibly join them in the frontlines for Deity!!

Whether you are in the “middle of nowhere” or in the heart of NYC, this is your chance to be seen, win a bike, and possibly become part of Deity, so get your cameras ready, show what you have been working for years on, and submit a video that captures who you are and what makes you the right fit. From downhillers, freeriders, street riders, and dirt jumpers, Deity looks forward to reviewing your work and hopefully having you fly their colors for years to come!

Check out the complete specs and contest details at Deity Components.

Armor against the corporate mentality, Deity is a 110% Rider owned, operated, designed, developed, and funded company that was born on 04.04.04 in an attempt to deliver something different to people looking for a company they could relate to. With a relentless dedication to infiltrate the masses, Deity is a company that is a reflection of the riders psyche, struggles, and passion.

Make sure to check out the “News” page at for the latest news on the deity roster of riders that is comprised of Cameron Zink, Kyle Strait, Lars Tribus, Zach Hensley, Nate Adams, Emily Johnston, Carter Holland, Adam Hauck, Taylor Sage, Griz, Logan Peat, Peanut, and Lance Mosley.


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