MB Race Team 2015 – Friends with Benefits

Women's Bicycl Lean At White  Fence

Still sitting on the fence when it comes to applying for the Muddbunnies Race Team in 2015?

Maybe some additional info will help you brave the landing! Here is a little more detail on some of our amazing “Friends of the Bunnies” and how they plan on helping you get the most out of the 2015 Muddbunnies Race Team.

Jaclyn Delacroix – Ozmosis Training

Jaclyn is a racer, a trainer, a leader, a builder, and an advocate. Jaclyn has been involved with the the Muddbunnies since 2008. She is currently the president of the vancouver club chapter and is actively involved in promoting women within the mountain biking community. She also holds clinics for beginner to advanced riders, teaches bike maintenance, and has been energetically involved in trail building and maintenance within the lower mainland.


Racing should be fun and Jaclyn is here to make sure you have the foundations in place so come race day all you need to worry about is having fun. Everyone has different goals, so there is no cookie cutter training plan that fits everyone. After consulting with each team member individual, either in person or over skype, Jaclyn will offer suggestions and a plan of action to help you moving towards your goal. She will do this in several ways:

Team Building Rides

There is no better way to feel a part of a team than to hang out together and get to know each others strengths and weaknesses. Throughout 2015 Jaclyn will arrange a number of rides that will focus on getting out and working on your weaknesses by drawing from your strengths. This will be an opportunity to draw upon here knowledge of training and racing as well as her skills as a mountain bike coach. The great thing about these rides? They are just part of being a member of the race team for 2015!

Team Building Camps

This is an opportunity to get away for a multi-day adventure, to be able to focus on nothing but your progression on your bike. We are planning two team building Camps this year, an early season adventure to Sedona, Arizona and a mid season tune-up in Whistler BC. These will allow you the opportunity to build up your fitness, work on your skills and get to know your team mates better. Oh and lets not forget giving you the opportunity to ride in two must-do destinations in North America! We will arrange affordable accommodations, suggest transportation options and have a full yet varied itinerary to keep you busy while you are there.


Jaclyn is an internationally certified personal trainer, group fitness & spin instructor as well as being a mountain bike coach. As part of her support of the Muddbunnies race team she is offering a number of her already reasonably priced programs at discounted rates, this ensures you get the best training possible to be truly ready to meet your goals on the race circuit this season. This includes 1 on 1 training, mountain bike coaching as well as access to group fitness and spin classes.


Duncan Jones – Different Bikes

This year for the race team Different Bikes are offering free pre-race tune ups to get your bike working as best as it can for that all important day! Here is a note from the man with the plan himself:

“Hello Ladies! My name is Duncan, I am the assistant manager at Different Bikes North Vancouver and the main point of contact for all things Muddbunnie. I have worked in the bike industry for the last 10 years in various roles and raced various disciplines during that time including DH and Enduro. One of things that I will be offering this year is an on trail bike set-up day for the race team along with Ozmosis Training to help you go into the season with no doubts about suspension, bar and saddle set up”

Different Bikes have been supporting the Muddbunnies for the last 4 years and this relationship has been a great success for both parties. This year to help support the non-Vancouver based Bunnies Different will be offering shipping options to help you get that much needed product at a great price! If you have any questions no matter how big or small feel free to drop Duncan an email at duncanj@differentbikes.ca


Natalie Yu – Acupuncturist

Natalie’s passion is to not only aid in the rehabilitation of athletic injuries, but also, help athletes maintain a healthy state to best perform in their sports. Having been frustrated with health practitioners in her past who kept telling her to ‘just stop doing the sport to prevent injury’, she was inspired to become a practitioner who understand athletes. As an athlete herself, Natalie know that we will always continue to push ourselves to the limit both physically and mentally because it is what we love to do. We require health practitioners who understand our stubborn drive, and who can support us in our quest for success and fun.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture can not only treat pain and help with injury rehabilitation, it can also target specific muscles to fire to train. In addition, TCM can treat a large array of ailments such as anxiety, stress, chronic fatigue, headaches, digestive problems, or infertility. Natalie will be offering a sample of her skills at some key race team events as well as offering great discounts for any team member who wants treatment from her.


Other “Friends of the Muddbunnies”

Big Mountain Bike Adventures – Worldwide award-winning mountain bike adventures

At Big Mountain, their goal is to provide an experience of a lifetime on a mountain bike. We’re talking about one of those experiences that borders on life altering, or a least one that makes you feel so alive that you howl out loud.

For 2015 the Muddbunnies are proud to partner with Big Mountain Bike Adventures for a great discount on a trip! Where will 2015 take you?


Petal Power – Natural, mild, long-lasting women’s-specific chamois cream with pre-ride cleansing wipes and a post-ride shower gel

It has also been said, “If you want the job done right, you need to do it yourself.”  Jill Hamilton, founder of Petal Power, wanted a chamois cream made with natural and plant-based ingredients consistent with her healthy lifestyle. She wanted a mild formula with an amazing scent and without the stuff that burns and tingles when applied to arguably the most sensitive skin on our bodies. She wanted a product made for women, by women. And for pre- and post-ride cleanup, she wanted something healthier than baby wipes and harsh anti-bacterial bar soap. In the spirit of “getting the job done right”, Petal Power was born.

We are stoked to have Petal Power help us in 2015 with getting more comfy in our saddle and taking charge of Biking and the Great Downstairs!


Ryders Eyewear – Performance glasses and goggles

Ryders lenses see into the future.

There’s an astonishing thing that happens when you look through their new lenses. They’re so absolutely, crystal clear that you’ll see exactly where you’ll be seconds and sometimes minutes into the future. You can see it, but you’re not actually there yet.

The Muddbunnies are seeing into the 2015 future and it looks awesome with our fantastic Ryders Eyewear Race Team discount!


Our “Friends of the Muddbunnies” are amazing, and we are so fortunate to have them but the BEST benefits to being on the Race Team hands down are:

you will be part of something;

you will be taking control of reaching for those all so scary goals;

and in the process you will be inspiring other women that they can too!