The Ultimate Road Trip has begun! The winners flew into Vancouver on July 15th and we are now on the road.

The winners Marie-Helen, Frank, Chris and John are an instant gang.

So the trip is underway and Red Bull put the team in five star lodging at the Westin Grand in downtown Vancouver. After our first group meal, food and cocktails made the evening pass quickly and with laughter roaring up and down the table giving us early signs this trip will be talked about and stories stretched for years to come.

Stay tuned as the events to the Ultimate Road Trip unfold and to win great spot prizes go to

Day 1 Mt Washington

Chris Jones a 39-year-old married man with two kids tells me that he spent the night counting the seconds away until he could get up and get ready. Pretty cool to see a grown man as excited as a kid on Christmas Eve.

With breakfast at a greasy spoon we loaded into the MMR rig and set fourth to the ferry terminal. Within two minutes of the van doors opening we fired up the plasma screen and everyone watched riding movies to get the stoke on.

Nine fully grown adults in a van decked out with plasma screens, play stations and all sorts of snacks from Clif bar should be enough to keep them quiet for the small hour delay at the ferry terminal…Oh No!

Next to the ferries we spied some speedboat rentals… the ‘GANG’ did the math: two boats, $15 a head, 1 hour to kill! Hmmm! Two minutes later we were racing across the bay.


The drive up to Mt Washington is straightforward one, with mountains on one side and the ocean on the other it added to the excitement of what was to come.

We parked up at the base of the slopes right outside Deer Lodge Hotel and each rider on the GANG was given either a Marin Quake 7.3 or a 7.2


After a quick session coaching session we hit the lifts and shredded the killer trails of the Mt. Washington Bike Park until the park closed.


With the Canadian National Championships rolling into town two days after and the Bearcloth invitational freeride happening the next week there were plenty of super star riders like Darren ‘the Claw’ Berrecloth kicking it at the resort so the winners had some great photo ops.


With Day one over and day two on the cards we want to thank Brent and the team at Mt Washington for the hospitality check them out at or


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