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Striving to offer more for our customers, September 26-28th will signify far more than another tradeshow year, it will mark the launch of the first annual Vegas Resistance!

A collaboration of true rider owned companies that want to offer their customers an alternative to the standard “tradeshow booth”, The Vegas Resistance opens its doors to allow dealers, media, and more an opportunity to not only learn about their 2008 offerings, but more so, to relax in an environment that is much more comfortable and conducive to discussion.


Tired of smoke tainted casino air, conversation held at shouting level volumes, overall general hype, and the inability to spend the time we desire with each and every one of our customers, this is our opportunity to give back to those who have stood by us and continue to support us on the front lines.

Featuring deity, Transition, Rockgardn, Canfield Brothers, and Spectrum Techwear, come join us, put your feet up, escape the heat, and walk away with a better understanding of who we are and what makes us different.

“Every year we end the tradeshow season wishing we had more time to spend with those that have supported us. Molding to the norm is not something that we are accustomed to and with a hope to break from the discomfort, chaos, and distraction of the typical tradeshow, we look forward to bringing something different to people and allowing them the chance to relax, have a drink, and get a run through our new 2008 product line. It is much more our style and to be able to partner with a solid group of companies, only makes it better!” Eric Davies, deity Owner.

Hosted at the Summer Bay Resort Villas, a short half-block shaded walk from the Sands Expo Center, each Vegas Resistance company will be offering a hospitality suite where customers can sit down, relax, eat, drink, and interact in an non-pressured setting. It is not about collared shirts, suits, and ties. It is about rider owned companies banding together and having the opportunity to hear what our customers have to say on a platform that is not rushed or caught up in the rat race of standard tradeshow fare.

“We don’t like to do something just because everyone else is doing it which is why this new venue is so appealing. We did it last year and the response was amazing. Our dealers loved coming by to hang out, crash on our ultra comfortable couch and drink some cold beverages while getting away from the typical Vegas scene. We are stoked to have more rider owned companies jump on board and see the real value in this. Doing the Vegas Resistance is more of a reflection of who we are as a company and a desire to be different and connect with our customers on a more intimate level” Kevin Menard, Transition Bikes Owner

Make sure to visit for company contact information, details, directions, and more, so print out a map, get ready for Vegas, and come join the Resistance September 26-28th!

MUDDBUNNIES NOTE: Stay tuned for an official Muddbunnies Bike Review of the new female-specific, freeride, prototype bike from Transition Bikes by the one and only: Sharon Bader!


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