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Here’s what Tracy has to say about  World Cup # 6 – Windham – New York


It’s always good to go to a new venue for the World Cup and this time it was the first World Cup in the USA since 2005 so it was great to be going back to the states to race the final round of the World Cup series. I have had great results all year in the US so I was hoping that successful streak would continue! Windham is a small town about 4 hours north of New York in the Catskill mountains. It’s a beautiful green place with not much going on apart from people mowing their lawns and driving around in big trucks! The supermarket was that small I drove past it 3 times trying to find it on the main street. However I really liked the vibe and the whole town were excited to have the World Cup racing on their mountain.

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For the first couple of days it looked as though the World Cup rain cloud had even followed us to America, but luckily after the first day of practice the sun came out and it was hot and dry by race day. The mountain is not big and the track was short and pretty fast all the way with a few tricky sections along the way. It took me a few runs to get into it, but then I was having fun and feeling good. I had the fastest timed run on day one and then backed it up with the fastest qualifying time. At last I started to feel like I had the speed to final win a World Cup, but sadly on race day, I caught my pedal on the start gate and just made a couple of small mistakes and ended up losing out to Rachel Atherton by 1.5secs. I was pretty disappointed but also pleased that I had raised my game in the final and ridden well. My points from qualifying and a second place finish were enough to move me up to 3rd in the overall World Cup standings. After such a poor start to the year I was really pleased to end up with 3rd in the overall. It was a good start to my US trip and great preparation and confidence building for next week’s World Championships in Mont Ste Anne, Canada.

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