Ferndale, WA – July 31st 2007 — Rider owned bike company, Transition Bikes announces their latest prototype bike the Siren. The Siren represents one of the first female specific freeride bikes on the market. The frame features 6” of rear wheel travel, a light but burly frame design, female friendly geometry and a new look and feel targeted specifically to women. The Siren will be available in 3 sizes with a small fitting girls 5’0”-5’4”, medium 5’5”-5’9” and the large 5’10”-6’3. Complete bikes are weighting in around 33 lbs for a light built to 38 lbs for a burlier build.


“We are constantly looking at niches that bigger companies find difficult to tackle. There simply wasn’t an option for girls looking for a freeride specific bike which is why the Siren was created. We go to Whistler almost every week and the amount of girls on the hill is amazing, and most are riding huge bikes not really designed for their body types, says Transition Bikes owner Kevin Menard.”


So what makes a bike specific to girls? The Siren was designed with input from over 30 female riders all with specific needs from a freeride bike. The result was a frame with tons of stand over, shorter rear end to make pulling up easier, light but strong, and a suspension design that would allow lighter girls to actually be able to utilize all of the travel. Girls also wanted a bike that was strong but also had a feminine look which is why you see all sorts of nice curves on the Siren. “This is a frame that anyone can appreciate even though it is specifically targeted to women. I rode it for 4 days straight at Whistler and absolutely loved it. If you are a guy and you want to ride one, we don’t blame you and we would sell you one, but the fact is that women will benefit the most from this design and be able to push their riding further, says Menard”

For graphics on the Siren, the frame will come with a huge decal pack that the girls can choose to put on. The decals will come in all different colors and themes so ladies can customize their bikes. “When trying to choose themes, we presented the ladies with over 8 different choices and the results where that everyone had different choices and there was no clear winner. This is why we went with the “Choose your own decals” program, says Menard.”

Look for the Siren to be available January 2008.


Transition Bikes is a rider owned company based out of Ferndale Washington. Started by Kyle Young and Kevin Menard in 2002, Transition Bikes has grown tremendously from a reputation of building solid freeride bikes designed by people that ride day in and day out and know what real riders want. Transition bikes now has six bikes to choose from to meet specific rider’s needs as well as a full line of components.

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