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I’m sad to announce that by the time you read this, the Utopia Optics mountain bike & bmx program will be no more. Due to internal circumstances, Utopia Optics has decided to cut its funding to many of its departments and programs, most notably the bike department. I’ve therefore elected to resign my position as bike team manager.

Although I will no longer be associated with the company, I will do my best to help support all of my riders in order for them to have a successful and stress free end to the season.

Unfortunately due to this circumstance, as well as receiving a broken ankle in a recent mtb accident, it does not appear likely that I will be able to attend any further events this season. (There’s a slight possiblity that I might be able to attend the NMBS Finals in Snowmass, Colorado)

Although I do not know where this new path will take me, I plan to continue my involvement in the mountain bike industry. I will also continue to work with my own companies as well as NEMA International.

Should you have any questions or need to reach me, feel free to contact me at jdd@dylandeandesigns.com or on my cell phone 760-443-3344

thank you,
J. Dylan Dean


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