Valentines Day chocolates sure are nice to eat,
And receiving boquets of flowers is most certainly a treat,
But what I love more than getting any gift or sweet,
Is 4X night in Abby with fellow riders for a heat!

There was enough women racing for us to have our own class!
Michelle Santos, Amber Zirnhelt, Kat Duffels, Ryan Petersen.

So the race went down like this: After work Michelle and I booted it out to Abbotsford and amidst terrible weather and even worse driving conditions we managed to get there with enough time to practice for 30 min before the race started at 7:30pm. Cost: $10 each rider for three race heats. Every race the rider receives points based on their finish position and at the end of the three heats all the points are added up and the winners are announced. Well Amber and Kat are speed queens and Michelle and I (okay I) didn’t stand a chance but there were moments (maybe seconds) we felt that we gave them a run for their money.
Before the finally tally was done there was a skidding contest: enter the berm just past the rythm section, up the two tables and BRAKE on the finish line. Well there were some rather interesting skids, some endos and wipe-outs but Kat Duffels beat out all the boys with her own rendition of “Shake Your Booty” as she wrapped up her skid. This tail wiggle won her a new pair of Kona gloves.

This fox killed it in the mens “Roadie” category.
Foxy Brown

4X Race Results:
1st Place – Kat Duffels
2nd Place – Amber Zirnhelt
3rd Place – Michelle Santos
4th place – Ryan Petersen

1st place took home a new DJ3 fork and a Kona hoody, 2nd place nabbed a Kona Hoody, 3rd place received a pair of Kona gloves and 4th place (they felt sorry for me) also took home a pair of Kona gloves.

Thanks to Abby BMX for putting on the event and to the boys at Kona and Pipeline Bike Park.

Stay tuned for the next Pipeline BikePark race this March.17 – St.Patricks Day: a tooney race at Pipeline Bike Park at Lake Lafarge in Coquitlam. Check out their website for more details:


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