Wow! What a weekend! First off, thank you to all of the Bunnies who volunteered at the Gear Swap both in Vancouver and North Vancouver and to all girls who volunteered their time at the BunnieBooth. Great job everybody!

Wazzap! Colleen Keyland was stoked to be volunteering at the Gear Swap.

This year’s show proved to be better than the last with Danger Dan Cowan’s Flowriders sending it huge for a captivated audience. It was indeed the most extravagant, extensive, exciting, extreme & entertaining bike event showcasing extreme biking including; jumping, tricks, balancing & big drops!! In addition to their travelling circus, the flowriders offered up a free seminar on “How to ride skinnies” AND a MiniFlowShow Contest where up and coming rippers had their chance to send it while gathering a bit of fame and glory…and in some cases a bit of gory-glory too!

Flowrider Andrew Biker stickin’ it to us!

One of the new features for the 2007 show was the NSMBA Vancouver Bike Swap, which has become the largest swap of it’s kind in Western Canada! The 2007 swap took place on the event floor during show hours. The best news is that all money raised will go to the NSMBA who maintain trails of all types on the North Shore! We’ll wait to hear what the grand total of money raised was from the NSBMA.

Kelli, Darren and all the folks from Endless Biking put on a FREE skills camp for riders aged 5-14. They also had a booth at the show offering info on upcoming skills camps/clinics and lessons.

Miss January and Tyler Klassen

Wade Simmons and Miss January; who’s more famous?

Other bike related companies: Cap’s Bicycle Stores, Brodie, Epic Ride BC, I.M.B.A. (International Mountain Biking Association), JV Bike Sales and Rentals, Lavan Apparel, Momentum Magazine, Mind Over Mountain Adventure Racing, Mount Washington Alpine Resort, Overtime Sports, Obsession Bikes, Sun Peaks Resort, The Gear Jammer, Transition Bikes with StraightLine Components, Whistler Mountain Bike Park, and a ton more.

Check out this sweet RipTV montage of the Flowriders and all the weekend events. Also check out the vid on Andrew Summers from Brodie Bikes givin’ the low-down on their line for 07 and Mike Kinrade reekin havoc: click here

A big thanks goes out to Richard for hookin us with a booth. Muddbunnies Riding wouldn’t have been there without you! Thanks also goes to Aimee Dunn for her hard work as Bike Swap Volunteer Coordinator, Bunnie Wrangler and just Super MtnMamma Extraordinaire!!

Our own Bunnie volunteer: Susan Sheldon

Thank you Lorie Barton for being our Bunnie Booth Volunteer Coordinator! And lastly thanks to all of the Bunnies for volunteering their time and making this weekend the best time off our bikes!


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