Velopalooza – The Bike Rave!

By: Staal

This year they’re kicking off Velopalooza with one heck of a party. Cover your bike in lights and dig out the fun fur!

How to Bike Rave

Step 1) Lights. All of them. On your bike. So many lights. Don’t not do this.

Step 2) A portable music player (iPod/MP3 player) loaded with the Official 2012 Bike Rave playlist (check back here the week before the ride to download).

Step 3) Some sort of speaker to play the music through.

Step 4) Snacks, beverages, and anything else you’ll need to ride and dance and have probably a bit too much fun for 5 hours.

Step 5) Show up at Crab Park at 9pm (ride leaves at 10pm sharp).


Meet At:
Crab Park
101 E Waterfront Road
Notes: Meet in the clearing near the playground.

Contact Info:


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