VIMFF Cycling the Pacific Ring of Fire part 3 … Full Circle

When: Friday November 16, 7:30 pm (doors 6:30)
Where: Centennial Theatre, North Vancouver
Why: “Volcano-hopping” by mountain bike around the globe’s largest ocean is an expedition of epic proportions, undertaken by Canadian adventurers Janick Lemieux and Pierre Bouchard. A multimedia documentary presentation of the adventures and scenes the couple witnessed during those 27 months spent in the saddle between Jakarta and Vancouver.

Come and meet these passionate reporters as they share their tales and discoveries gathered during the third and final stage of this ambitious “cyclovolcanic” quest. While coming “full circle”, the couple rode some 25,000 kilometres between Indonesia and Canada, exploring volcanic isles and peninsulas of Far East Asia and Alaska, remote and magical spots of Western Canada, and the Ring of Fire’s very centre, bull’s eye…Hawaii!

Cycling the Pacific Ring of Fire part 3 … Full Circle is a multimedia documentary presentation of the adventures they’ve endured and scenes they witnessed during those 27 months spent in the saddle between Jakarta and Vancouver, a chronicle of the closing stage of this incredible and outstanding mega MTB-trek. Along the way, the pair got familiar with volcanoes and folks of Indonesia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, Russia’s Kurils and Kamchatka, Alaska, Western Canada, and Hawaii. Over a thousand stunning images, several original video excerpts, along with animated maps and graphics, portray their fabulous journey as the adventurers provide witty and insightful commentary and observations, intertwined with melodies and rhythms of Montreal composer Martin Tremblay. This highly volatile, explosive and “subversive” cocktail of culture, nature and adventure will sure enthral you! Once again, volcanoes of the “Ring” led these seasoned adventurers to the most surreal of landscapes and warmest of souls.

Janick Lemieux and Pierre Bouchard have been patrolling the world on their burdened bikes, seeking adventures and searching for the people and landscapes of our planet, since 1990. Besides seeing their work published in magazines around the world, they are long-time regular contributors to Canada’s Pedal, Vélo Mag, and Géo Plein Air. It’s in May 1999, after having pedalled more than 100,000 kilometres in some 40 countries, that they set off for the Pacific Ring of Fire’s volcanoes and dwellers.

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