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Become a Ride Lead or Sweep!!!

Rides can’t happen without the generous help of ride leaders and sweeps – or what we like to call Ride Leads. The role of Ride Lead is to help us to run our members-only club rides.

We are currently looking for Ride Leads for the North Shore, the Fraser Valley and Burnaby Mountain for the 2013 riding season!  If you are interested in becoming a Ride Lead or Sweep please email Dar.

In 2012 we reached a new level of “enlightenment” for our Ride Leads through a hands-on training session.  This was recieved with rave reviews and we are continuing this in 2013.  The Ride Lead training nights will be held on April 10th & 17th at Fromme.  You can choose which night works better for you.  You do not need to attend both training nights but you can if you wish. Please RSVP to Dar which night you can attend. Further information will be sent to you if you choose to volunteer.

Your questions answered:

  • Do I need to lead rides every week?
    No, you don’t! You will have the opportunity to sign up for as many (or as few) rides of your choice. You will also decide which trails and which level you are comfortable volunteering with. You might only lead one ride all season if you wanted to (but there are perks if you lead more…)
  • Will I have to demonstrate trail features? No, you aren’t teaching, you’re showing the way down the trail. You will need to be comfortable riding the trail you volunteer for, but you are not there to instruct or teach.
  • What if I have to walk a section or two of trail?
    It’s fine if you walk parts of a trail; we all have our nemeses. Your role is to show our club members the trail and ensure they have a safe ride.

More information, including a sign-up schedule, will be sent to all interested Bunnies by email.





Get involved today – become a Ride Lead!

The Muddbunnies encourage and welcome female riders of all experience and skill levels to join them in getting down and dirty. Come on, ride like a girl!


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