Vote for BC Family Day – and more time to ride!

What day should B.C.’s Family Day be?

In February, 2013, BC will enjoy its first Family Day. We want to make sure we get the date right and that we take into account everyone’s perspective, so…between May 8th and May 22nd, 2012, we’d like to hear from British Columbians about whether the second or third Monday in February works best for BC’s families and our economy.

Why the 2nd Monday in February? By having our Family Day on a different long weekend than other provinces and neighbouring states, British Columbians looking to enjoy local attractions wouldn’t have to compete with visitors from other provinces and the U.S. It would also mean BC businesses could capitalize on increased traffic over two holiday weekends.

Why the 3rd Monday in February? By aligning our Family Day long weekend with other provinces and neighbouring states, it’s perhaps easier for families in different jurisdictions to get together and for BC businesses to plan, particularly for businesses that operate in multiple jurisdictions.

These are a few reasons. What are yours? Make a choice and give us your views.

Choose a day HERE !

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