West Side Mtn Bike Series #5 -SATURDAY at Real Life Trails

Greetings Muddbunnies. Can you believe we have only two more events in the Single Track Cycles West Side Mountain Bike Series? We will be racing this SATURDAY at the Real Life Trails in Black Diamond. 

We appreciate Real Life Church allowing us to use their trails. Vince Haag, Rick Heinz and Pat Ellis, are coordinators for the trails, so make sure and thank them.

Course Info

Start on the main gravel road heading east, away from the church gate. Ignore a spur on the left staying on the main road. Take the next left following the main road. At about .5 miles, take a left entering the single track. You will immediately take the trail to the left at the Y just past the entrance. This is Holy Roller 2. This trail rolls up and down and can be quite rough and tiring. You will come to a creek crossing at about mile 2.4. Take the Deliverance trail to the left. Follow this trail back to the parking area ignoring adjacent trails and short connectors back to the road. The exit is just west of the church gate. Take a hard left back through the gate and sprint a short distance to the start/finish line just up the road. The total lap length is about 4.4 miles.


Start time: 9:00am


Start time: 11:30am

Open/Expert(Combined)/Single Speed

Start time: 10am

PLEASE READ!!!I want to remind you of a few things:

  1. You need to KEEP your bike number, or you will be charged for a replacement. Remember, your bib has a timing tag on it that is linked to you on our race system.
  2. Next race, you just need to go to the notebook, and get your registration sheet. You need to SIGN and TURN IN the form to the registration table, pay your fee (unless you are a season pass holder), or you are not considered a participant (and that includes those with a season pass). We do not want you to complete another form, or you will be listed as a new participant.
  3. If you are changing categories, please let us know so we can make sure your points are updated.
  4. While we request that you not ride on the course when others ride, since it is an open course, we can not require this, however, because of the timing tag, you CAN NOT cross the finish line with your bike number once the race has started (you can only do this, if your race is completed). PLEASE remember this, and take your bike number off if you are warming up.
See you out there!!
Deanna MullerBuDu Racing – Event Management



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