Westside Series #2 – Soaring Eagle Park, Sammamish Washington

written by Race Team member Nadja Baker

Nadja all smiles after her 2nd place finish

The Westside Series #2 race was a fun course of not too muddy, not too technical fast and flowy 5 km laps. The Beginner class races start first in this series, then expert an hour later and then sport. For some reason that day they determined the length of the race by the speed of the first racer’s 1st lap, so when I lined up to start my beginner race, I didn’t know if I was doing 1 lap or 2 laps! I was having stomach issues during the race, I think induced from a new brand of super protein shake I drank on the way there, so I when I came around and they yelled that I had another lap to go, I admit while my legs & cardio were feeling strong, the rest of me wasn’t very keen!

The lead women pulled away from me over the next few km’s, leaving me alone in the peaceful forest to wallow with my nausea…Until about a km from the finish when I heard the brakes of a fast approaching rider coming from behind, and then it was GAME ON!! I was back in the race and digging with all I had, determined not to be passed!…:) And I actually got recognized as a Muddbunny yesterday, pretty freakin’ cool!

Here’s results from today’s Westside #2 race at Soaring Eagle Park:

Thanks for sharing Nadja! Muddbunnies are becoming an international force to be reckoned with!

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