Whistler Bike Park is NOW OPEN!

There is a craft to sculpting dirt. A dedication that can be read in the rough and calloused hands of the trail crew, the stained handles of their shovels and rakes.

The season’s started. It’s time to revel in the effort and dedication of the crew again and again at your favourite bike park in the world.

But if you want the best deal we’ll offer on Season Passes, you have to act right now. This is your last chance to get early bird savings and bonuses.

Your wait is over—when are you coming up to get down?

Purchase before May 31 and get:
-$50 off the regular price
-FREE early season Bring-A-Friend Bike Park Ticket – valid to June 22, 2012 – value $48
-FREE Peak Ride Ticket – value $15

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