Muddbunnie Whistler Bike Park Report #1

With all the snow this year Whistler wasn’t looking very promising a couple of weeks ago but things clear up and dry up quickly there!  As of last weekend most of the lower trails were open and in decent to great shape.  Upper B-Line has had some major work on it and I heard many grumblings from other riders about their new love for it.  A-Line and Crank-it-up have both had their early season berm bomb holes filled and are in great shape.  A couple of the tables on the mid section of A-Line have new lips and they send you big this year.  BIG! Ninja Cougar is open from the top and the berms are in perfect shape.   Angry Pirate is completely open now but the newer section at the entrance is ugly.

All in all the park is super fun and worth the trip!

Jumping Bunnie – check out the enamored audience, ha!


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