Whistler Bike Park Update


An update on the park from Tom Prochazka

Spring is Here

The skiing is still sooo good, in fact I had one the best days doing high speed cruisers (next best thing when there isn’t any fresh pow) last Thursday. But the sun is stronger, I got a sunburn on my face and (the bigwigs will hang me for saying this), you won’t believe how happy I am to see the brown spots on the lower part of the mountain. You can even smell the moist earth melting out, coming out of hibernation. Speaking of which, bears have been sighted in the valley. Spring is definitely here. I’m so excited, I even went for an X-C ride in Pemby last weekend.

Now, before you get too exited and start bouncing up and down on your bike, there is still a lot of snow at the top of Fitz chair. We have set the opening date for May 19 and I know that we will have a lot of work to do before then. The rusty cogs in our heads are starting to turn as we are beginning to plan out the year. One part of me is stoked and the other part is cold with fear.

I’m stoked for everything that we have already – A-Line, DM, Crank It Up, Schleyer, Joyride – you name it! I’m stoked for all of the new ideas that I can’t tell you anything about – yet. You know that we are not just going to dish up the same old goulash. I’m stoked about the trail crew, patrol, guides, lifties and everyone who makes up the Bike Park that are coming back for another year. I’m stoked for having that first GLC pitcher of beer with the crew. And I’m stoked for the first lap down A-Line.

So what is there to be fearful about? Let’s not beat around the bush – there will be more VANOC construction and the Whistler Gondola is getting a major refit and will be out of commission until July 1. This is something that has to be done, or the old work horse will fall apart. We have now resigned ourselves to the fact that our beloved “No Joke” is out for another year, but it’s the lack of the gondola on busy days that will take some careful planning – on your part.

I would immediately start the negotiations with your boss/teacher/parent/wife/husband/parole officer to get days off during the week when the bike park will be less busy. I would also plan on making the best use of the Extended Play hours which will start immediately upon opening of the bike park. I don’t know anyone who can ride the Bike Park for ten hours straight anyway, except maybe some of those pre-pubescent groms that have not discovered girls yet.

Anyway, we aim to keep you informed on the status of the trails so that you can make the most of your riding in the Bike Park. We do not anticipate any loss of trails except for the occasional closure due to construction. Last year was very busy, but all in all, I believe that we still dished up a good stew of trails. As always, we appreciate feedback so don’t hesitate to contact us should you have a suggestion or a solution. We are all eyes and ears!

I’m such a lousy typist and it has been a week since I started this report. A lot has hanged since then – the mountain has turned from a giant ice cube into a great slurpee and it literally melting from “Original Sin” to the “Heart Of Darkness”. And you know what lies in between – “A-Line”!

See you on May 19, 10am, at the bottom of the Bike Park.


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