Whiteface Mountain Bike Park – News & Updates

Whiteface Mountain Bike Park has some great things happening this summer, check it out:

* New beginners trail anyone can ride!

* Next Ladies Days is Saturday September 3 (free lift ticket for all women valued @ $35.00)

* Next Woman's only downhill clinic Sunday September 4.  Come ride with Kathi Krause of Dirt, Rock & Root Training!

* Bike n Stays from only $47.25 per person includes lift pass, nice room and breakfast!

For more information: www.downhillmike.com 

We have tripled our trail projects from all other years. If you have not been to Whiteface yet this year or in the last few weeks, you'll notice many new improvements. The trails are riding better than they ever have, and getting better by the day!

So check out The Face!

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