Why Sram’s New 2X10 Just Works:

This new and exiting product explained, ladies.

Original press release:

“The benefits SRAM 2X10 delivers—a full range of usable gears, less weight, and easier and smoother shifting in all terrains—are becoming understood by riders of all levels, not just cross country pros. To fully appreciate how SRAM 2X10 can help you make the most of your ride, we wanted to provide a comprehensive resource for all the facts, figures, and opinions about 2X10, the role of Truvativ’s X-Glide technology, Exact Actuation and all the benefits of a 2X10 drivetrain for every kind of riding.”

What this means for you on the trails ladies:

  • As female riders we are usually looking to lighten our load. Now you may think a few grams here and there aren’t going to make much of a difference but when you add up that weight loss for entire component group, (brakes, shifters, derailleurs, cranks, chainrings and cassette) it certainly can effect overall weight and performance.
  • It allows for a much narrower stance on the bike which is ideal for those with a smaller frame and will allow for better controlled riding.
  • Minimizes cross-chaining. This happens when you’re pedalling in the large front chain ring and the smallest chainring on the rear and results in poor pedalling and chain wear. The straighter the line the smoother the pedalling.

The bad news: the XX model retails at a whopping $2430! And that doesn’t include their RockShox XX fork which retails between $724 and $1200.

The good news: For the first time SRAM offers the right combination of matching SRAM X7 components. SRAM X7 features 2X10drivetrain, X-Glide front shifting, Exact Actuation, new PowerGlide cassette ratios, carbon cage rear derailleurs new S1400 crank offering and Avid Elixir R brakes. SRAM 2X10 is becoming understood by riders of all levels and segments by delivering a full range of usable gears, less weight and faster and smoother shifting. They build on this with choice, and a strong materials mix aimed at mid-level XC to entry level downhillers and freeriders.

The Blue Collar Component Group

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