Windham Women’s DH – UCI World Cup 2012

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Nothing too crazy in the women’s race today, the girls were fast, and the lower section of the track seemed to be where a lot of time was made or lost. Most girls chose not to hit the last jump, and many cased the one before it as well. Jill Kintner crashed somewhere in the middle of the track, no word on what happened yet but she didn’t finish. Tracey Hannah was one of the first to hit the last jump, and she almost made it, but as they say close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. She cased it hard enough to break her seat off, smashing it into her tire. Fastest so far though and onto the hot seat with only Emmeline and Rachel to go. Emmy was fastest at the second split and charging hard but she blew up hard after casing the last jump and had to run across the line, finishing .04 behind Tracey. Rachel Atherton was last to go and she looked solid all the way down. Rachel was 5 seconds up at the second split, but she cased the first big jump a little and bounced and swapped out, going off course. She got back on track and pedaling hard she got back up to speed and was the only one of the girls to get backside on the last big jump, finishing .2 up on Tracey to take the win.

Canada’s Micayla Gatto (PerformX Young Guns) was just off the podium placing 6th.

The latest update on Jill:
Broken arm, dislocated wrist, and surgery in the morning to fix it all up. Nice shiner as well. Rough day in the office.

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