Winter Trail Day on Vedder!

2011 Winter Trail Day on Vedder

The recent weather and wind has resulted in a number of trees down on the trails, and the destruction of some sections of trail. There are also a number of projects that remain unfinished, and several other projects that are yet to be started. A trail day will be held Sunday, Dec 17th to hopefully address these issues. This is a great opportunity to give back to the trails, meet other trail enthusiasts, and help to improve your local trail network for yourself and others to enjoy. We hope to see you there, and if not have a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.

When: Sunday, December 18th @ 9:30 am

Where: Meeting in the mountain bike parking lot on parameter road

What to Bring: Shovels, rakes, buckets, picks, pullouski’s, and various other trail tools. Bring some water and something to snack on.

Note: It will likely be quite cold, so please dress warm. I recommend wearing layers, a toque, warm boots and a pair of gloves.


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