Women Making RAD Things Happen: Debora De Napoli

Meet Debora De Napoli – founder of the Life Cycle Project – A thirteen day, mountain top to mountain top, mountain bike trek from BC to Alberta, raising funds and awareness of ovarian cancer.

Debora’s hope is to make LIFE CYCLE an annual event where amateur riders can participate in the epic adventure of raising money and awareness while tackling the breathtaking and lung-busting Rockies on two wheels! Oh, and she filmed it too! From the initial training, to transformation, all the way to the finish line, her intention was to document this challenge at every turn. For more information about Debora and LIFE CYCLE check out her site here, her Facebook page here and her interview with us below!

on-set filming in the alpine

Any nicknames?

Crash, Goose (as in Top Gun) and Babs.

Where are you from?

Alberta. I’m a Prairie gal; Nationality wise, I’m very Italian. Who wants pasta??…!!

What is your day-job these days?

Aspiring Documentary/Adventure Filmmaker… and Canadian Rockies specialist.

Final peak, Jumping Pound in Kananaskis AB

When did you start riding?

I started in 2007 but I was shit scared and technically challenged (thank you to my riding buddy’s at that time – you know who you are – for sticking by me), I’ll say that I officially started in 2008 after my first Dirt Series camp in North Vancouver.

What is your riding Style these days?

XC. I (surprisingly) like big rides, big mountains and big views. This year I completed a dream, riding Fernie, Rossland (Seven Summits), Neslon, Golden (Mount 7), Revvy (Keystone), Lake Louise (Morraine Highline), Banff and Kananaskis (Jumping Pound/Cox hill). I am making a documentary film about my journey (and as it pertains to my organization, The Life Cycle Project, which raises awareness of ovarian cancer). In fact, I was selected as one of 23 particpants world-wide into the Banff Mountain Festival’s Adventure Filmmakers’ Workshop just this past fall. Truly inspiring!! (MB: we agree!)

Look out for an amazing story of transformation, triumph and overcoming obstacles set to the back drop of the beautiful BC/AB Rockies at next year’s Banff festival! Booya!!

Debora and Lucy (her bike) at Lake Louise

Current Bike(s)?

“Lucy” is a Rocky Altitude 70; however, it’s time for a new baby – suggestions?

What made you want to start the Life Cycle Project?

I started the Life Cycle Project to encourage riders to step out of their comfort zone and realize that what might just be biking an EPIC trail today can cross over to a life changing experience, all the while being in a supportive and nurturing environment. Girls tackling big rides with a purpose = making big differences. The Life Cycle Project started as a fundraising initiative to bring awareness of ovarian cancer. I cycled from Fernie to Kananaskis through the backcountry this past summer and filmed my journey as part of the project. My hope is that Life Cycle will transpire into multi-day challenge, much like the one I did…for now, it’ll be a one-day organized event on a big mountain (TBD) – fun for all! The organization’s proceeds go directly to Ovarian Cancer Research, and that’s pretty big.

Ripping down the Highline trail, Lake Louise

Describe your best biking day?

The first time I rode Crank it Up at Whistler and nailed the table tops. It was the most exhilarating feeling ever and the smile was un wipeable. I even thought about turning in my xc for a DH

What discipline do you want to try?

Road riding. I know, right??…!!!

Crossing the snowband at Keystone Basin, Revelstoke

What has biking taught you?:

If I don’t try and control everything, I can have the best ride/life.

Biggest hurdle overcome when riding?

Getting out of my head. Oh, and high ladder bridges. Steep drops too, they freak me out.

Fav place to ride and why?

It’s a tie between Sedona and Moab. I love the desert, the sticky trails and the red rocks. It’s beautiful, challenging at times, usually leads to a big adventure, and always warrants smiles. Have you seen this place?? …Amazaballs!

Indoor training w/ the Enduro xc team

Fav people to ride with?

Friends of course. Those I know and those who I haven’t met yet too. I love people who can laugh at a wipe-out, who don’t take riding too seriously, but have big goals too. Anyone who is keen to have a post ride beer and yam fries gets riding points too.

Headphones or no headphones when you ride?

Headphones if I’m on a long training ride. NO headphones if I’m on the trail

Other sports and activities?

Alpine trekking/hiking, yoga, trail running, XC/AT touring

Ridge riding Mount 7, Golden

iPhone, Blackberry, or Android?

iPhone. I’m hooked on you Steve Jobs.

Cats or Dogs?

Cat “George”. Adorable and still kicking it old school. Meow.

Clipped in or Flats?

Embarrasingly, Flats. This year I’ll clip in. I promise.

Shuttle or Climb?


Thanks for giving us a bit of insight into who you are and the RAD things you are making happen!

Sweaty and hot seeks shade ontop of Seven Summits, Rossland

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