Your Most Important Muscles on the Bike

The legs tend to get all the credit when it comes to spinning your wheels, whether you’re indoors or out. In fact, it’s usually the quads and hamstrings that complain the most when your terrain takes a turn up and up and up. Professional cyclist Jens Voigt is famed for describing the conflict that goes on between the body and the brain during grueling rides. Jens tells his legs to “shut up”!


But the real unsung heroes when it comes to muscling your bike, is the core. Exactly where is the core? What muscles make up the core? And most importantly how does the core affect you on the bike and how do you strengthen it? The muscles of the core are pivotal in the stabilization of the spine, pelvis and shoulder girdle. The core is composed of a group of muscles that work synergistically anytime we move. A strong core provides a solid base of support for any type of movement we engage in, from grocery shopping to attacking steep climbs.

To learn more about what muscles make up the core, how they work, and how to strengthen the core, read more here.

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